Monday, October 17, 2005


So I know it has been a while since I've blogged, but I definitely had to get some things situated before
I continued on. With that said I am pleased to announce that after months of patience, agony and what have you's, (curtsy The Big Lebowski) I have finally gotten a new job. An amazing one in fact! Last November I took a position with company X and was unaware of its miserable working conditions. Its a wonder the labor board doesn't shut the shit hole down. Let me just list the basic necessities an employer should provide its employees that are giving their creativity, their time and their livelihood towards someone else's profit!!!

1) A Parking Space: WTF you mean not enough parking and I have to take a shuttle? I already graduated college. You mean to tell me that after an hour of stop and go to get 12 miles on the freeway that I have to drive from lot to lot to find a parking space and then wait in an unpaved lot for a van to pick me up. Think again.

2) Clean Bathrooms: When the smell of shit doesn't leave, the cracks in the door are curtained with toilet paper, an old vaseline lotion pump is the watered down soap dispenser, there is no hot running water, Only one sink works while the others dribble and there is a sign posted that says "don't flush with your feet" RUN, RUN AND DON"T TURN BACK!

3) 2 Weeks Vacation: And if I want to take them all at once, that is my right. And if I want to take them past a particular "window period" then that too is my right.

4) A raise. Inflation is at an all time high. Cost of living has gone up significantly. If I hear the words "The company is growing" one more time with out seeing another penny of it then I am moving on.

5) A Place to Eat: When lunch comes from the option of two trucks, we have a problem.

Companies should learn that their competition goes beyond that of their market. Its exists inside the work place amongst each other. Employees will no longer give loyalty to companies who do not have enticing benefit packages, incentives, bonuses, as well as sanitary environments. The lack of loyalty costs businesses money, talent, and much much more. Every-time one quits you must take another step back in the other direction. This might work for you temporarily, but in the long run its more detrimental to your business. Top employees will leave to seek more desirable companies and compensation. The word will eventually get out and spread about the state of your company among other potential employees. I urge employers to keep such details in mind when organizing your company or you can bet the best of the best employees will be right out the door!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Since watching the movie last weekend Penguins have been several topics of discussion over the last few days. Most being, "awe the little babies are do cute!!" Traci, however, wondered why penguins have never been domesticated. She feels that they would make a wonderful family pet without condoning to the imorality of course. Not knowing enough about the subject I decided to do some research and low and behold I found Penguin Warehouse, Inc.

We were a little shocked at first and didn't know there was really a market for it. The website offered several penguins for sale at affordable prices and they even sell penguin food. My coworkers went home for the evening and I stayed behind exploring the site a little further (well, that and I was waiting for my carpool). That's when I realized this site was really pulling our leg. Here are some examples I found under the penguin Q & A section:

Q: Will my penguin try to eat my goldfish?
A: Duh! Penguins love to eat fish, and goldfish is the yummiest type of fish available. So if you own a goldfish, better either give it away or (eat it first) before your penguin get his long pointy bill on it.

Q: Why does my penguin keep bumping into walls?
A: Penguins, like humans, are prone to eye deterioration over time. Vision correction may be necessary for your penguin's welfare. We highly suggest laser surgery correction as many penguins do not take well to eyewear.

I suggest visiting this site for entertainment purposes. But shame on us for thinking we could really have one of our very own from some shipping dock in New Zealand os Antartica.....

(click title for site link)

Monday, August 15, 2005


I saw March of the Penguins this last weekend. It finally came to my neck of the woods and it was worth every minute. I am such sucker for discovery channel and National Geographic!!

This film is yet another stunning portrayal of beauty, wonder and struggle in the cycle of life. The footage was spectacular and Morgan Freeman’s narration was a perfect fit. Aside from my awe for the beyond adorable baby penguins, the life story of the Emperor Penguin is breath taking in itself. Every year their ritual to mate and procreate involves a tedious march, unbearable weather conditions and exact precision. These are indeed amazing creatures. See this film! Its worth it and you’ll be glad you did.



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Thursday, August 11, 2005


So I finally came out with it and told my best friend last night how I felt about certain punctuations in the English language. I think, for one, that we should be, able, to, put, commas, where, we, like. I mean who cares, really? What's the big deal? If you feel like you need to put one because its aids in getting your message across, then do it!

BUT– the major one on my list is... (Drum roll here): apostrophes! We don’t need them or they can at least become optional for the time being. The era of text messaging and instant messenger definitely proves my point. I've never had a friend text me back and say, "Miran what did you mean by wasnt and did you mean we have by weve?" They seem to get the picture I think. And this quick form of communication is shared, for I receive words like hasnt and didnt and so on. I really think that apostrophes will eventually drop off. That and the word your being replaced with: Ur.


Friday, July 22, 2005



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Thursday, July 21, 2005


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This is a film I wanted to go see while it was in theatres, but I never got around to it. So I finally watched it last night. It was really interesting film making. Which I love. The humor and the surrealism made this quarky little film quaint. I absolutely loved Wilam Defoe's character. In fact I wish I had a friend like him, accent and all. Bill Murray did a great job (as usual) and kudos to Owen Wilson as well. I was surprised with one outcomes in the film which I don't want to give away. But I kept thinking, "no, say it's not so"

So I think the world needs another Jacques Cousteau. I know his son carries his legacy, but I just havn't seen any documentaries the way they used to be. It was always so nice to watch Jacues happy little face full of passion and out there in the open water exploring. It was nice to see man being at one with nature. It would be cool if they could throw together a Jacues Cousteau marathon on Discovery Channel!! All in favor say I!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Figure on Paper

So I am taking a figure drawing class again for the first time since college. It was something I always said I should be doing and have finally gotten around to it. Lesson number one: I must loosen up.

Beth is the friend I carpool with to work and who got me into taking the class. I appreciate that.

We both agree the infamous tattoo body-piercing guy is too difficult to draw. No shadow and a funky melon head with a tuft of hair drizzled down his neck. No. No good.

She thinks the "good" looking guy will be our model this week (now I think as good looking as a life model gets). She says he doesn't get undressed behind the curtain and doesn't bring a robe to wear but puts his clothes back on in between poses. Hmmm for as practical as it sounds that is against the usual life model etiquette. I need to observe this strange behavior for myself. Yeah, you'll see she says. He went up to Christine and told her he saw her out some place. That is strange life model behavior too. Crossing the naked people line? They should stay in the center of the drawing ring where they belong!!

I am just being silly of course... but there is some humorous truth to this all I guess...

Bruised Canine

At seven or eight I was content and feared as little and as much as a seven or eight year old would.

“We’re going to your aunt Terri’s house today Miran. She lives in a new place and we’re going to see it.” I was told. Terri had a little wiener dog near the end of being a pup with a soft and lush auburn coat. Her new home was in a mobile park of unpaved granite roads and various ranch owners. The properties were erratically placed, geese and hens squawked in their pens, horses huffed and puffed for attention and dogs that formed a neighborhood gang were free to roam.

Now if one thing is certain that is my love for animals. I took some apples from Terri’s and walked out with my cousin to feed the horses.
“Stick your hand out flat like this,” he says, “so he doesn’t bite your fingers.”
“Horses can do that?” I ask. As I listened to clicking and crunching of the apple in the horse’s mouth. “Wow that pig is sooooo big, look at him!”
“That’s a hog.” My cousin said.

We went back inside and I started to play with Terri’s wiener dog. I rummaged around in her cupboards to find him some treats.
“Yes Terri?”
“I have some marrow bones in that little brown bag over there. They are too big for my dog to eat, but you can feed them to the geese outside.”
“Geese will eat these?”
“Yeah, they’ll eat anything!”
“Alright…” I was eager to feed each goose one by one at my discretion for I now held the power of food in my little hands. I ran outside and the geese gathered on the other side of the fence with immense excitement. I dug into the little brown bag, pulled out one of the funny looking doggie treats and stuck my hand through the opening of the fence. The animals ruffled their feathers and stirred such a craze that I got a little tense. This job was more stressful than I thought.

The geese weren’t the only animals acting out of excitement. For before I could turn the entire fleet of neighborhood dogs were charging at me in full force. I was completely surrounded by all shapes and sizes barking and jumping and toppling over one another with that dog greed. I screamed and stood on my tippy toes with my arm outstretched holding the little brown bag up as high as I could. I never had the time to toss the damn thing, but then again I think they would have attacked me anyway. My father darted out of Terri’s door throwing each dog one by one over his shoulder as if they were heads of lettuce being chucked into a basket. He saved me and I had never been so relieved and I never returned to that place again. I learned weeks later that Terri’s wiener dog got out of the house and that the dog gang had killed him.

That story will always stick with me I think.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I freakin love these Budlight commercials. This link has all their mp3's and they load pretty quick. Holler back and let me know which is your favorite!! I personally LOVE Mr. 80 SPF Sunblock Wearer. But they're all super funny. Have a laugh!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005


The crowd gathered with thoughts of preexisting beats pounding their senses last Monday awaiting the highly anticipated performance of a long lost and eternally beloved group.

The Percussions opened welcomely as the talented ensemble delivered their rhythm with such elated, optimistic charisma. They were followed by Martin Luther opening with an angelic a cappella. Although his voice soars to great heights, he performs an overwhelming amount of ballads while his music resembles that of Lenny Kravitz.

Our exhaustion by the hour long wait quickly subsided as Butterfly, Doodlebug and Ladybug hit the stage. "You gotta, You gotta, You gotta. You gotta do what you feel..." Arms were up, people were chanting and wooing the entire inexplicably amazing set. Ten long years Digable. Where have you been? This was one of the best shows I'd ever been.

For tour dates and reunion cd visit their official website. I am a cosmic funkster FO SHO!